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He wrapped his raven coloured wings around my cold, shivering body: an embrace so intimate and soothing. My knees were weak. I felt his muscles tense as he carefully stopped my broken body from falling to the floor. His skin was warm and golden; all my troubles fell away. I’d never felt safer than I did in that moment.

His lips gently kissed my forehead, a gesture that made my heart flutter. I looked up and saw his emerald green eyes, dark and tranquil, glistening as the light hit them. A small reassuring smile appeared as he brought his hand up and delicately pushed a thin strand of ink black hair behind my ear.

“I’m here mon amour, everything is alright now, breathe.”

I let out a breath I hadn’t realised I’d been holding and gasped. Icy air inflated my lungs, making me cough as it violently forced its way down my throat. I took a few deep breaths to help settle my jagged breathing.

His exquisite finger trailed down my beige cheek, the golden glitter of my skin tone had faded away. His hotter than human fingers tilted my chin up a centimetre more before leaning close and pressing a longed for kiss upon my primrose-pink lips. After a long moment his lips left mine.

“Thank you,” I whispered. I felt his muscles relax and the tension that ran through his entire being lessened.

“My pleasure, now be silent and rest, my rose, you’ll need all your strength.”

I sighed, I knew why.


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I wandered down the corridor,
The herds of sheep clattered by,
Conversations a total bore,
I heard my constant sigh.

Thoughts filled my head,
Though silent I remained.
I passed by the people that appeared so dead,
The air seemed permanently stained.

I met him in the pouring rain,
His thoughts as if they were my own,
There was no way I could complain,
As I was shown, I wasn’t alone.

You pull me close
And put your hands on my hips.
Butterflies flutter
When you kiss my lips.

Standing before me
Your smile bright,
Your murky green eyes
Glistening in the light.

You lean in close
And whisper in my ear,
It takes me a minute to understand
The words I’ve always longed to hear.

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Walking slowly,
Thinking loudly,
The streets never lonely,
People comment proudly,
They gawp and glare,
My short yellow dress,
Bright purple hair,
All in a mess,
My shoes electric pink,
My bag zigzagged blue,
Caf-pow my favourite drink,
There is nothing I wouldn’t do,
Lime green tights,
And dark orange shades,
Partying most nights,
Neon raves,
Smiling brightly,
I walked past,
My feet only touching the ground lightly,
As they stopped fast.

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On the busy streets
Where no one speaks,
Going about their daily business,
Only the darkened clouds their witness.

Footsteps pound the concrete,
The noise on constant repeat,
Suits and ties
Say their goodbyes.

Urban trees,
Swaying in the breeze,
Acid rain,
Rusting the train

The sports cars crawl,
There’s a road rage brawl,
Boy racers tearing,
Radio’s blaring.

Banksy’s part,
Graffiti art,
Fashion’s constant change,
Music’s different range.

Bombs and death,
Soldiers taking their last breath,
Economy stumbling,
Leaders mumbling.

Uncertainty and pondering,
Minds continuously wandering,
Skepticism and theories,
Another drama series.

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